​Vases, mini gardens and moss balls.

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The newest design, Blue Jade Vines.

I was given these flowers by a friend and I fell in love with them. 

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Living Mini Garden in Handmade Ceramics.

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Gourd is a beautiful gift from nature. It takes about six months to grow and six more months to cure them.
They have been an important part of many cultures’ history for centuries and still play an important role in the Hawai'ian culture. They're used widely in the hula dance and traditional chants.

The beautiful tropical flowers, leaves and the gentlest creature, the giant green sea turtles here on the islands are my inspirations. Most of my work are carved or woodburned and some, cut-out. They're all done right on my lanai (deck) at my home, here on the island of O'ahu, Hawai'i. Each design is original and freehand, sketched and painted by me. 
From seeing my mother's tremendous appreciation for natural things and curves, I grew stronger in believing in their beauties that I saved my ruler only for measuring the gourds and almost never to make straight lines in my designs. 
The designs are painted with paints that last.
I have a high respect for gourds. They're beautiful as they are and when working with them, I try my best to preserve the beauty of their natural shapes, textures, unique characters and "imperfections" by designing them accordingly. The last thing I want to do is taking away the gourd's natural beauty. 

Gourds are sustainable. Most of the gourds I use are grown organically and some, recycled from Hawai’ian studies and hula implements.

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I've been fascinated by gourds since 2003. 
After looking at a red-painted gourd birdhouse in a book my auntie Ria had sent us, without any experience in carving, painting or even drawing, I just had a sudden urge to get a gourd. 
I picked up the tools we had and just like that, I was addicted! (Nobody had warned me!)

After all these years, it's still a hobby rather than a business.
Mahalo for stopping by and please contact me with any comments or questions.